EM-362 Neck-worn Microphone

EM-362 Neck-worn Microphone

EM-362 Neck-worn Microphone

EM-362 *AS Model*

Experience non-obtrusive communication with EM-362 neck-worn microphone

As a practical alternative to a head-worn or clip-on microphone, the neck-worn microphone from TOA Electronics requires 3-6cm distance from the mouth to pick up the user's voice clearly.

The EM-362, neck-worn microphone is the ideal choice for a mosque (Imam) to use during prayer. Its unique design suspends the microphone in front of the speaker’s mouth optimizing speech pick up and avoiding being brushed against by the movement of body during prayer creating unnecessary noise. Microphone positioning was made easy with the flexible shaft. High sensitivity and wide-range frequency response ensure sound clarity whether user is standing or in a praying position. The microphone has the option to operate either with 2 x “AAA” battery or phantom power. There is an ON/OFF switch that allows the user to switch on and off the microphone when needed. To indicate the microphone is switched on, an LED ring will flicker up in light blue color.

The cable length of the EM-362 neck-worn microphone is 7m with a cardioid polar pattern which offers complete noise cancellation coming from the rear.

Benefits of EM-362 neck-worn microphone

  • Enhanced voice transmission
  • User-friendly and flexible
  • Operable during constant body movements

EM-362 Neck-worn Microphone Brochure (General)

Power Source 3 V DC (2 x "AAA" batteries) or Phantom Power: 9 V ~ 52 V
Microphone Element Electret Condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Rated Impedance 600 Ω, balanced
Rated Sensitivity -35 dB ± 3 dB (1 kHz 0 dB=1 V/Pa)
Frequency Response 60 Hz - 20 kHz
Cable Length 7 m
Connector Output ¼" balanced L plug, 200 mm
Operating Temperature 0 °C - 40 °C
Finish Battery Case Unit, Switch Unit, Mic Unit: ABS Resin, Black
Flexible Shaft: Copper Alloy, Black, Paint, Shield tube
Wire Hanger: Steel wire shield rubber, Black, Paint
Dimensions (H x W) 260 x 135 mm 
Weight 190 g (exclude battery)

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