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TOA Electronics Pte Ltd

Established Date   April 01, 2002
Capital   S$170,000.00
Managing Director   Nishino Takashi
Office   491B River Valley Road #19-03/04
  Valley Point Office Tower, Singapore 248373
Major Business
  • Sales of public address and broadcasting equipment, communication equipment and other information transmission equipment.
  • Sales of audio and visual equipment and other electrical and electronics devices
Major Activities Sound Segment
Classification  Major Products
Public Address Systems Microphones, Amplifiers, Speakers, Megaphones, Background Music Facilities, Emergency PA and General-purpose PA Systems, Automatic Announcement Systems, Conference Systems
Professional Sound Systems Theater/Hall Sound Systems, Digital Mixing Systems, Stage Sound Systems
Communication Systems Intercom Systems, Telephone Application Systems, Wireless Microphone Systems
Major Markets Office Buildings, Airports, Railway Stations, Underground Railways, Halls, Schools, Department Stores, Athletic Stadiums and Gymnasiums, Hospitals, Guest Houses and Hotels, Function Rooms, Theaters and Cinemas, Convention Centres, Amusement Parks, Restaurants, Discotheques, etc. 


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